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Returning Choir Members

As a reminder: Choir Membership fee is $60 a season or $100 for the year.
If you are a Returning Choir member, in other words you sang with the Valley Choral Society durning the past concert season, you may download a Returning Choir Form and bring it to the first Fall Rehearsal. The form can be found in the Greenroom.


Rehearsals are held weekly on Sundays from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM beginning in September (for the fall) or late January (for the spring). Rehearsals may be longer as performance dates approach (usually ending by 10:00 PM the month prior to the winter and spring concert dates). Additional rehearsals may be required during the two weeks preceding a concert. All singers who commit to attending rehearsals and improving their vocal talents are welcome to join the Valley Choral Society.

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Concert Attire

Concert attire may be viewed by going to the Greenroom and linking to the Choir Attire page from there. Women are required to wear a Black Tunic, colored shells (blue, red or silver, depending the concert), and Long Black Skirt made by Formal Fashions Inc 1.800.528.7909 (customer service). Sizing information along with the cost and manufacturing time-frame are also available on the Choir Attire page in the Greenroom (Access to the Greenroom is available to choir members). The cost of the Women's basic black outfit is apx. $81.00 with an additional surcharge for the individual order, plus the cost of the coloredshell. All new members are encouraged to order early. The Society does NOT make group orders. Skirt hem must come to the ankles. Check with your section leader for information regarding the colored shell.

Men are required to wear a Black Tuxedo or Black Suit (dark navy, charcoal, or dark brown are not acceptable.) There is information on the Choir Attire page accessed through the Greenroom about Tuxedos manufactured by Formal Fashions Inc. Some local Tuxedo stores will grant a discount if the buyer indicates he is buying the Tuxedo as attire for concert use with the Valley Choral Society. Access to the Greenroom is available to choir members. Bow ties, cummerbunds, and dark socks complete Concert Dress for men.

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The Valley Choral Society prefers to not establish strict guidelines regarding the number of rehearsal absences. Excessive absence may identify itself by:
    1. The inability to participate either technically or musically.
    2. The lack of collegial rapport with the other singers.

Others are molding their sound around you. Each choir member becomes attuned to the social and musical nuances of the group through each rehearsal experience. The ability of the choir to grow in musicality and expression is severely hampered by excessive absences on the part of any singer.

All absences should be planned with as much advance notice as possible. It is the responsibility of the choir member to give written (email is acceptable) notice to their section chair of any planned or potential absences as early as possible. This helps the artistic director plan the music list and rehearsal tactics.

Punctuality and Preparedness
Punctuality is exceptionally important to the efficiency and morale of any choir. Rehearsals begin promptly at 6:30 PM; this means the actual beginning of work, not the time of arrival. Please allow for enough time to arrange your music and to complete other personal tasks before rehearsal begins. It is understandable that occasionally emergencies may delay a choir member's arrival time. However, attentiveness to starting times from every member of the choir is the norm. Singers are expected to be present for the entire rehearsal unless prior arrangements have been made with their section chair. Each singer is expected to bring his or her music to every rehearsal.

Additional Materials
For concerts, all music must be in a black folder and each chorister should bring a pencil for making notes in their music to each rehearsal.

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To Order a CD

To order a CD of a Valley Choral Society concert contact GAP CD; identify the year and either fall or spring concert.

Gap CD
303 Shelduck Court
Galt, CA 95632
Cost $20.00

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Committee Involvement

There is much more to the Valley Choral Society than its music and we hope you will take the opportunity to become as involved as you wish in the life of this organization. Any member of the Executive Committee can answer questions about participation in various committees, such as publicity, hospitality, concert setup, concert decoration, fund raising, and donations.

The Publicity Committee is responsible for developing the marketing concept for each concert, then developing the graphic design, identifying the publicity avenues (such as what newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, magazines, internet, direct mail, and poster placement locations) are needed for each concert. Some members of the publicity committee are needed to write broadcast and print copy while others are needed to help place the announcements with radio and television stations as well as newspapers, magazines, and the internet. The publicity committee gets the posters distributed to the choir and displayed in locations throughout the community with the help of the choir. The publicity committee also looks for publicity avenues that might feature the choir and choir members such as human interest stories, pre-concert performances, community events and service opportunities that would allow the choir to become more visible. These are just a few ways the publicity committee helps publicize the choir and it's concerts. Maybe you have a few more ideas.

The Concert Setup Committee is responsible for the physical setup of the concert location for the choir and orchestra. There are risers, lights, music stands, electrical cords, and chairs to be acquired, moved, arranged, put up, pulled down, swept, and returned. Sound boring? It's not. Under the direction of the Concert Producer, the committee helps visualize the final concert arrangement then accepts the task of getting the physical arrangement in place. It takes more than big, strong choir members to do the job. All members of the choir can help: chairs can be placed, stands set up, instructions distributed, after-concert debris picked up, and floors swept by even the smallest or weakest of the choir. You have friends for life after this experience.

The Hospitality Committee operates as the need arises. This committee helps visualize and prepare occasions that host, welcome, or honor special guests of the Society. Successful receptions benefit from the talents of decorators and cooks, but those who are friendly and at ease around strangers also play an important part by making our honorees or visitors feel welcome. If you enjoy creating a splendid table of delectable delights the Hospitality Committee is your outlet. Maybe you can create an ambiance that welcomes the world's most powerful or just as easily whip up a setting of lighthearted gaiety, the Hospitality Committee can use your touch. And if you find people fascinating the Hospitality Committee has a spot that can only be filled by you.

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